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“SHS combines strategic and practical know-how with a profund understanding of both its portfolio companies‘ technologies and the markets they work in. That‘s what SHS‘ success is based on.“
Prof. Dr. Ralf Thiericke, Executive Director, Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH

“SHS has delivered impressive growth stories. Intensive collaborative work with its portfolio companies help them to emerge strengthened even from crises.“
Jochen Hense, Executive Director, Alarius GmbH, former Partner, Interfinanz

“SHS’s partners do not just call upon their long history of investment experience and understanding of people, they are also only involved in markets that they understand. In my opinion, this is a decisive precondition for being able to successfully bring venture investments to fruition.“
Dr. Peter Ladwig, Partner, GSK Stockmann & Kollegen

“SHS’s partner work in a highly professional manner and with a great deal of expertise. For those supplying equity to small and mid-sized business, that isn’t always the case.“
Dr. Thomas Keul, Partner, Hogan Lovells International LLP

“The SHS team is experienced and hands-on. It stands by management teams in important situations as a true partner.“
Ulrich Kinzel, Director Corporate Finance, Nomura Code Securities Limited

“SHS as contributed decisively to the company’s development.“
Dr. Christian Stredicke, Founder and Managing Director, snom technology AG

“SHS has played a major role in the success of ProBioGen AG. In the form of capital, but more than just capital.“
Michael Schlenk, CEO, ProBioGen AG

“With SHS, I was able to achieve strong and profitable growth for my company and then go on to sell it with great success. SHS provided strong support, especially at times when things weren’t going all as well we’d hoped.“
Dr. Wilfried Fischer, Founder, Novosis AG

“SHS has a proven track record of generating above-average yields, even in difficult times; as a result, it ranks among the best growth investors in the German-speaking area.“
Dr. Christoph Backhaus, Managin Director, Contrium Capital AG

“We are always looking for growth investments from SHS. SHS is an active lead investor, who closey works with his investment.“
Robert Schlösser, Vice President, KfW-Bankengruppe