SHS Venture Capital

SHS’s strategy aims at developing young companies with market-ready products and technologies to become market leaders in their sectors, thereby generating high and sustained revenues for its investors. Hence, SHS acts as a developer of the companies in its portfolio rather than as a “technology scout“.

The success of SHS results from its high standards – both for its investment projects and its own operative contributions. SHS is not just an investor but a shareholder providing capital, as well as in-depth industry knowledge and networks.

SHS has an experienced and successful management team. As a result of the firm’s focus on business development, SHS operates with broad and in-depth experience in this field and has a vast network of contacts. Our partners actively and constructively guide a company through each phase of a portfolio investment, from the initial contact throughout the successful exit.

The following link leads you to an overview about our investment process. The scope of our investment focus is described here.

We are looking forward to your business plan.