Fund history

Fifth fund generation
SHS V (target volume: € 150 mn): Investments in fast-growing healthcare and medical technology companies with a focus on expansion financing, shareholder changes and succession situations.

A first subscription deadline of EUR 90 million took place in July 2018. Investors can still participate in the SHS V fund until the final closing or the maximum subscription amount is reached.
For more information please contact Hubertus Leonhardt.

SHS V Basisinformationsblatt Investor-Partner A
SHS V Basisinformationsblatt Investor-Partner B 

Fourth fund generation
SHS IV (€ 125 mn): Following the successful track record of SHS, SHS IV is going to invest in young innovative companies in the markets of medical technology and diagnostic in German speaking countries.

Third funds generation
SHS III (€ 50.5 mn): Investment in young technology companies in the life science and healthcare industry in German speaking countries.

Second funds generation
SHS IIa (€ 34.3 mn): Fully repaid
SHS IIb (€ 20 mn): Turn-around and growth.

First funds generation
SHS I (€ 16 mn): Fully repaid