First Closing of the fifth fund generation (SHS V), for which SHS received more than €90 Million in commitments. This means that almost two thirds of the target of €150 Million was achieved. The fifth generation of SHS funds is also focused on the life sciences and medical technology sector, and thus on the growing global healthcare market with innovative and strong players, especially in Germany and Switzerland. Investors can still participate in the SHS V fund until the final closing or the maximum subscription amount is reached.

Final Closing of the fourth fund generation (SHS IV), which is investing – like the successful previous fund – in the area of life sciences and medical technology in German-speaking regions. Its focus is on growth financing, changes in shareholder structures and successor situations. The SHS funds’ German and international investors include the European Investment Fund, professional pension insurers, retirement funds, funds of funds, family offices, a corporate investor medical technology, entrepreneurs and the SHS management team. With € 125 mn the fund has clearly exceeded the target volume.

First closing of SHS III fund, which invests in successful high-growth companies in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Investors are family offices, banks, KfW and EIF. SHS professionals re-invest significant amounts of former carry of predecessor funds.
This fund will also be funded through means of the European Union’s “Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme” (CIP).
This allows investments within the scope of the High Growth and Innovative SME Facility at the expense of the EU. That way a contribution is made to formation and funding of these enterprises as well as to compensate their funding gap in the area equity and venture capital, which especially withholds SMEs from exploiting their growth potential, thus supporting the European venture capital market.

Issuance of two further funds (SHS IIa and IIb), one for technology investments and one dedicated to restructuring/special situations. Investors are the Landesbank of the first fund generation as well as KfW and DtA (today also KfW).

Rising focus on growth-oriented  Life Science companies.
Hubertus Leonhardt, former corporate finance professional of Arthur Andersen, joins the firm. Klaus Hentges leaves the firm.

Joint venture with a Landesbank (SHS I, first fund generation).

Former McKinsey employees and managers Reinhilde Spatscheck, Dr. Bernhard Schirmers und Klaus Hentges start SHS.