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University town Tübingen

The image film of the city is about the dialectic that characterises Tübingen: old and young, tradition and modernity, science and business. Tübingen is never just one thing, but surprisingly always different. Cord Soehlke, mayor of the building and first mayor, says: “The film succeeds in skilfully taking a light and witty look at the personality of the city”.


FYB Financial Yearbook

Xing-Plattform „Beam me up, Fraunhofer!“

For a successful founding networking of different areas is essential. Fraunhofer Venture brings together Fraunhofer scientists and manager, who want to start up a business – i. a. with the help of XING-platform „Beam me up, Fraunhofer!“.

Under the new name „Fraunhofer Venture“ the group will be expanded to centre of communication in the social network.