Management approach

Our success is based on the high expectations we place on both our investment projects and our own work. We see ourselves as (co-)entrepreneurs as well as investors.
For the sake of maximum impact, we limit the number of investments we make.

Our management approach aims to significantly reduce the high failure rate of venture capital investments.

We pay special attention to:

  • Technology risk: Investment only in companies with market-ready products or proof of concept; no technology scouting
  • Market risk: Narrow industry focus and in-depth industry experience on the part of our team allows for optimal evaluation and development of young companies
  • Management risk: Timely and close coaching of investments by experienced SHS project manager
  • Financing risk: Complementary syndication and financing strategies (for example, investing only as lead or co-lead; break-even financing).

By adhering to this specific management approach, SHS has been successful in significantly limiting start-up companies’ risk of failure.