Newsletter April 2019

numares and Mayo Clinic collaborate on the development of new diagnostic tests

numares und Mayo Clinic vereinbaren Kooperation zur Entwicklung neuer diagnostischer Tests mit Hilfe von numares‘ Kernspinresonanztechnologie

numares and Mayo Clinic agree on partnership to develop new diagnostic tests using numares’ magnetic resonance technology

Precision medicine, i.e., the targeted, individually oriented treatment of patients, requires precise diagnostics. It should not only allow for statements to be made about which disease is present, but also about where something is getting out of hand in the patient’s metabolic process. NMR diagnostics, as used by the SHS portfolio company numares, provides additional information that can have a significant influence on the selected therapy, e.g. in cardiovascular diseases and oncology.

The recent announcement by numares and Mayo Clinic Laboratories to collaborate on the development of clinical diagnostic tests demonstrates the need for new diagnostic procedures. The Regensburg-based diagnostics company and the US healthcare company plan to develop new diagnostic tests using numares’ nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology.  Instead of individual biomarkers, the tests will identify clusters of risk factors. The companies have announced that the primary focus will be on cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases and liver cancer. Dr. Bernhard Schirmers, Chairman of the numares Supervisory Board and Partner at numares’ lead investor SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement, says “the strategic collaboration between numares and Mayo Clinic Laboratories once again underscores the potential of NMR for the development of new diagnostic methods.”


Key Facts
Year established: 2004
Business purpose: Development and marketing of new diagnostic multiparameter tests based on magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and special evaluation algorithms
Products: Diagnostic tests for the detection of diseases (oncology, cardiovascular diseases and nephrology, neurology)
Location: Regensburg, Richmond, Boston und Singapur


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