Medical technology:

 Logo AOT
(Medical technology)
Development, manufacturing and sales of medical devices for osteotomy (bone surgery)

Logo_webBetterguards Technology GmbH
(Medical technology)
Development and production of adaptive protective devices for human joints, tendons, and muscles

170526_CoreMedic_Logo_webCoreMedic AG
Development, production and sales of a repair set for mitral valves that replaces defective Chordae Tendineae (threads) in a minimal-invasive surgical or a catheter-based procedure

161114_medigroba_Logo_webmedigroba GmbH
Care of patients in hospitals, care facilities
and practices with assistive and care products

Miracor Medical Systems GmbH

Development and marketing of  a therapeutic technology that can significantly reduce damage to the heart following an attack or as the result of cardiac insufficiency


Novo Klinik-Service GmbH
(Medical equipment)
Production and sales of medical aids like fixations and pads for the intensive care, anaesthetic and nursing sectors

phenox GmbH

Development, production and sale of instruments for acute ischemic strokes and implants for haemorrhagic strokes/aneurysms

170509_puracon_logo_claim_cpuracon GmbH
(Service medical technology)
Specialist  for sterile assembly, packaging, certification and validation of medical products

SUS_LogoSinlge Use Support GmbH
(Life Science Logistics)
Development, production and sale of secondary transport equipment and machines for freezing, transporting and defrosting active ingredients

SIS Medical AG

SIS Medical AG

Development, production and sale of  products for the treatment of vascular disease

Spiegelberg GmbH & Co. KG

Development, production and selling of highly specialized catheters and probes for neurosurgical use in the brain as well as antimicrobial products to prevent hospital acquired infections

TNI medical AG

Development, production and sale of diagnostic and therapeutic devices in the area of breathing support for the home-care and clinic area

TRI Dental Implants Int. AG

(Dental Implantology)
Development, production and commercialization of implants and implant related products for the dental market

Development and distribution of robot-assisted and computer-assisted therapeutic devices for the rehabilitation sector  

Biotechnology / Diagnostics / Drug delivery

(Drug Delivery)
Development, production and sale of specialised pharmaceuticals (drug delivery systems)

151007_CLE_Logo_Websitec-LEcta GmbH
(White Biotechnology)
Discovery, optimization and production of high-value enzymes and microbiological strains in the field of food, feed, pharma and chemistry


evitria AG
Production and optimization of customized antibodies

GNA Biosolutions GmbH
Development and sale of diagnostic tests (POC) and PCR devices which are based on a much faster and cheaper (disposables) PCR technology (Laser-PCR).

150928_NDD_Logo_Websitendd Medizintechnik AG
Development, production, and distribution of diagnostic products in the area of lung diseases, mainly COPD and asthma

numares AG
Development and marketing of new analytic and diagnostic tests based on nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy


CryLas GmbH
(Laser technology)
Development, production and marketing of lasers and laser systems, inter alia for medical devices

Crystal GmbH
(Laser technology)
Development, production and sale of optical components which amongst others are used for medical devices


SECOPTA analytics GmbH
(Optical metrology)
Development, production and marketing of fast, precise and robust process analytics, LIBS element sensors


HAL Aluminiumguss Leipzig GmbH
(Aluminium foundry)
Aluminium foundries with CNC machining for sand and gravity die casting