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European Healthcare Champions

We build European healthcare champions. To this end, we invest in fast-growing companies in the healthcare sector and help in particular to open up new markets, round off the product portfolio, in succession situations and in financing company acquisitions.

The focus of our investments is on holdings in the areas of medical technology, life sciences & services, diagnostics & tools and digital health. The geographical focus of our investments includes the DACH region as well as other selected European countries.

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Growth financings

SHS – Partner for growth and internationalization

Our growth capital investments focus is on companies with market-ready products and technologies in order to develop them into market leaders in a joint partnership.

Hereby, SHS does not see itself as a technology scout or even a passive financial investor, but as a co-partner who brings not only capital, but also industry expertise and a long-standing network into a partnership. We are happy to invest in consortia together with private and institutional co-investors. In addition to classic capital increases, secondary transactions, e.g. of business angel shares, are also possible.

As Germany's leading growth investor, we are familiar with all challenges in the healthcare sector and bring to our partnerships not only many years of industry experience, but also synergy effects from our portfolio.

In principle, various investment situations are possible for SHS in the field of growth capital, such as:

Financing roll-out
with SHS

Financing FDA approval
with SHS

Financing clinical studies
with SHS

Many young companies choose SHS as a partner to push the national and European roll-out of their underlying product after CE approval has been obtained.

Portfolio companies benefit, for example, from our long-standing relationships with the leading university hospitals and chief physicians in Germany and Switzerland.

In addition, we can also arrange international distributors who have been successful with other portfolio companies in the past.


Million € average investment volume
in the scope of growth capital

The US market, as a highly attractive sales market for the healthcare industry, has high barriers to entry.

In addition to sufficient financial resources, many companies require the know-how that is essential for the complex FDA approval process.

Thanks to SHS' many years of experience, time-consuming loops in the approval process can be avoided in the course of a cooperation.


Weeks until signing
(from first contact to notary)

Clinical validation is essential in the highly competitive healthcare market.

Manufacturers must prove that products offered are superior to the Gold Standard or lead to health economic advantages for the entire system.

In addition to the capital we provide for clinical trials, our portfolio companies benefit from our contacts with the leading study centers and consultants in Europe.


average number of companies per fund

Among other things, we bring into a growth capital partnership:


A long-standing network to the leading chief physicians in Germany and Switzerland


Cooperation with health insurance companies and medical technology corporates


Expertise in sector topics such as
IP, Regulatory and Reimbursement

As a founder-managed company, it was a key requirement for us to find an investment company as a partner that understands and supports the vision we developed. We found, with SHS.

Johannes Kirchmair

Co-Founder of Single Use Support GmbH

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Excerpt of Private equity investments

SHS – Partner for business successions and expansions

As a partner for medium-sized companies, we bring not only capital but also strategic support and access to our extensive network in the healthcare sector into a partnership. The companies benefit, for example, from our cooperation with the leading health insurance companies or access to key-opinion leaders within the medical technology sector.

We have a long-term investment approach. The goal of every SHS investment is to ensure that the companies are well-prepared for the future and to help them achieve a strong market position. Information about our company history can be found here.

We are also happy to invest in consortia together with co-investors. Our co-investors benefit from our many years of sector expertise.

In principle, various investment opportunities are possible for SHS in the private equity sector, such as:

Succession with SHS

Int. expansion with SHS
(Minorities & Majorities)

Pre-Sale with SHS

As an investor with industry experience, SHS has implemented several successions in the life science and medical technology sector in recent years.

After our entry as a minority or majority shareholder, we make sure that there are no major changes for the employees of the companies and that the companies are generally geared towards sustainable growth.


in the last three years

At the same time, the development of internationally attractive sales markets is often associated with a high capital requirement.

In recent years, SHS has provided capital and expertise to many medium-sized companies in their plans to develop or expand into American or Far Eastern markets.

Our partners also benefit from the experience of other portfolio companies that have already successfully pursued this path with SHS.


Growth Financings
in the last three years

Achieving the greater whole together: Entrepreneurs can take up SHS as an investor in order to initially achieve further growth of the already existing base with the capital provided. In most cases we take a minority position, but majorities are also possible.

Once the value has been increased, the company is then sold to a strategic buyer together with SHS in the medium term. Normally, significantly higher proceeds can be achieved for all parties involved, driven by our many years of exit experience.


Pre-Sales transactions
in the last three years

Among other things, we bring into a private equity partnership:


Long-term view on value-enhancing measures of corporate development


Strategic expertise to lead the partner company to sustainable growth


Support in topics such as the recruitment of key personnel, but without being operationally involved in the day-to-day business of the management

It was important for me to find a partner with sector expertise. I expect the cooperation with SHS to strengthen our product development and marketing, as well as support in meeting the regulatory challenge.

Reinhold Blazejewski

Managing Director of Blazejewski MEDI-TECH GmbH

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