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ESG rating: How does it work?

Investing your money sustainably and having a good conscience in addition to a good return, who wouldn’t want that? Read here how you can do that with ESG investment.


Some of you may have already heard or read about it: Fundraising for our SHS VI fund has started. With a planned target volume of 200 million euros, we will make around 15 investments in the European healthcare and medtech industry with this sixth fund. As a specialised healthcare investor, we are specifically looking for […]

Funds – investing in funds

Investment funds are not a 20th century idea, they have been around since 1774. Find out which funds are available and in which markets SHS has been successfully investing for years – read more!

ESG – definition and criteria 

ESG is the abbreviation for Environmental, Social and (Corporate) Governance. The term ESG is associated in the financial world with the role of a socially responsible investor, where the inclusion of the above aspects in investments is essential. Read more!

Private equity – how does it work?

The term private equity originally comes from the English language and means “private equity capital”. A private equity company therefore invests capital in companies that are exclusively privately held and consequently not listed on the stock exchange. Learn all about it in the following article!