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The market for healthcare investment and medical technology

Experts agree that the medical technology and healthcare sector is a growth market with a future. This is due on the one hand to demographic change and on the other to technological progress in this sector. Find out how you as an investor can benefit from this sector and how SHS can support you.

ESG rating: How does it work?

Investing your money sustainably and having a good conscience in addition to a good return, who wouldn’t want that? Read here how you can do that with ESG investment.

ESG – definition and criteria 

ESG is the abbreviation for Environmental, Social and (Corporate) Governance. The term ESG is associated in the financial world with the role of a socially responsible investor, where the inclusion of the above aspects in investments is essential. Read more!


Fundraising is the systematic analysis, planning, implementation and control of all activities of a public welfare organisation, which aim to procure all required resources (monetary, material and services) at the lowest possible cost through a consistent orientation towards the needs of the resource providers (private individuals, companies, foundations, public institutions). Learn more about the details in this article.

Funds – investing in funds

Investment funds are not a 20th century idea, they have been around since 1774. Find out which funds are available and in which markets SHS has been successfully investing for years – read more!

Private equity – how does it work?

The term private equity originally comes from the English language and means “private equity capital”. A private equity company therefore invests capital in companies that are exclusively privately held and consequently not listed on the stock exchange. Learn all about it in the following article!