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29. April 2021 - Newsletter

3 Questions for: Heinz Jacqui, Senior Advisor at SHS

In future, we will introduce the SHS senior advisors to you here. The experience of these experts plays an important role for us in the investment process and benefits not least our portfolio companies.

After completing his engineering studies, Heinz Jacqui worked for many years in top management positions at globally successful medium-sized companies. Most recently, as President & CEO at Maquet/Getinge, he headed the global medical technology business. Heinz Jacqui knows what makes the industry tick and what medium-sized medtech companies need to pay attention to right now.

What made you decide to work in the medical technology industry and what appeals to you about your job as Senior Advisor at SHS?
After studying mechanical engineering, I wanted to work in an industrial sector where products are developed that help people. I found that in medical technology; at the same time, this industry was and is very innovative, as you can see, for example, in the number of patent applications per year. In 2020, medical technology was the leader in patent applications in Europe. I am still fascinated by this dynamism and technical creativity. I support SHS with my many years of experience and my network in building partnerships in the medtech sector and in investment decisions in interesting, promising companies.

What trends do you see in the medical technology/healthcare industry over the next five years?
There are some interesting developments in the medtech/healthcare sector. The most important trends of the future will be: the expansion of digitalisation, the use of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and “personalised” medicine. Some companies are already active in these fields of work with new, promising approaches. I am firmly convinced that medical technology will change extremely in the next five to ten years. We will see many breakthrough products and services that will benefit patients.

What are the future challenges for the medical technology/healthcare industry, and what role do you see for SHS here?
The trends in the healthcare sector just mentioned and the continuously increasing regulatory requirements for medical and healthcare products will require significantly more extensive resources and investments in order to bring innovations to the market. Furthermore, a medtech company must be globally positioned to achieve a stable, profitable market share. Working with an experienced industry investor offers medium-sized and young emerging companies the opportunity to master these challenges and grow in a future-proof manner.