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our common potential

SHS and its fund investors do not consider the integration of ESG factors as a limitation, but rather as an opportunity to realise sustainable and promising growth opportunities.

ESG in the life cycle of an investment

SHS has established ESG processes along the entire life cycle of its investments. This is the basis for a value-enhancing, risk-reducing and sustainable capital investment.

Pre-Investing Phase

We exclude companies that don’t share our ESG-based values from an investment. Fields like pre-natal diagnostics are banned by our fund statutes.

Ownership Phase

We are advising our portfolio companies on a regular basis to overcome potential ESG issues which we found during our investment process to improve their ESG score.

Exit Phase

Until the exit, we monitor the ESG activities of our portfolio companies in a proactive manner every quarter and their improvements with our scoring solution on a yearly basis.

Social Responsibility
Investing and its effects

Investments in healthcare through Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) have treated 1.7 million patients across 88 countries, focusing on areas like oncology and cardiovascular health, which has been a source of pride for investors.

Patients treated by our investments 17.000.000
Countries are supplied by our investments 88

Healthcare is one of the areas to be when it comes to social responsibility investing (SRI). To improve the health of millions of people in the world (family members, close relatives, friends) in areas like oncology, heart attack, stroke or the current disastrous Covid-19 pandemic is something our investors are very proud of.

Dr. André Zimmermann
Partner / Head of ESG

SHS is committed to responsible investments

SHS is proud to be a member of the UN PRI (UN Principles for Responsible Investing), a UN investor initiative committed to responsible investing. All UN PRI members agree to adhere to the ESG guidelines.