SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH

Trusted By Investors for more than 30 years

With SHS

We are the leading German healthcare-only specialized Private Equity Fund.

Limited Partners can participate in a portfolio of high-growing companies in the healthcare and life science industry.

Since over 30 years, investors can rely on our stable, local investment team with aggregated 100 years of experience in the private equity industry.

From a pool of more than 1000 opportunities per year, we identify the most attractive investments for our investors and ensure that our investors’ capital flows into the most promising opportunities.

Our Funds

The current fund SHS VI had its final closing in July 2023.

The targeted fund volume of EUR 200 million could significantly be overachieved with a final volume of ca. EUR 270 million and is thus more than doubling the predecessor fund’s size.

Our investor base comprises private and institutional investor groups with a long-term focus, including well-known family offices, pension funds, pension schemes, fund of funds, banks/savings banks, churches, health insurance companies and industrial companies.

They also include the European Investment Fund (EIF) and KfW. The SHS management is also invested with significant amounts in the fund, which ensures a high degree of identity of interests.

The investment focus of the new fund SHS VI is on growing European healthcare companies.

LP Type (%)

Family Office 39 %
Fund of Fund 19 %
Pension 16 %
Financial Institution 10 %
Insurance 6 %
HNI 5 %
Other 5 %

LP Geographical base (%)

Germany 54 %
Luxembourg 19 %
Switzerland 10 %
Denmark 7 %
Spain 4 %
Austria 3 %
Other 1 %

Corporate Governance and Fund Structure

01 The funds submit quarterly reports to investors in accordance with customary international standards and are audited annually.
02 Ethical and sustainable criteria (ESG) have been incorporated into our internal ESG principles and within the fund contracts.
03 The funds submit quarterly reports to investors in accordance with customary international standards and are audited annually.

Building European Healthcare Champions

Development volume of SHS Funds
  • Small cap
  • Growth
Small cap

The volume of SHS managed funds has grown consistently over time. Located in the heart of Europe the General Partner SHS has successfully invested into fast-growing healthcare and life science companies for more than 30 years.

Fund volume of SHS’ funds grew constantly over the various fund generations. From SHS III with a volume of ca. 50m EUR to a fund volume of ca. 270m EUR in the current fund SHS VI.

SHS fund VI builds a portfolio of approximately 10-15 minority and majority stakes in companies of the targeted sector. The investments are spread over phases and investment occasions.

Target allocation of the SHS VI fund is a majority of investments into small-cap transactions, whereby additional return drivers for the fund will come from the growth company bucket. The regional focus of the fund is Europe.

Company History

A Brief Summary About Our Funds.


The former McKinsey consultants Reinhilde Spatscheck, Dr. Bernhard Schirmers and Klaus Hentges found SHS.


Closing of the 1st fund generation (SHS I) – Agreement of a joint venture with a Landesbank.


Closing of the 2nd fund generation in the form of two funds (SHS IIa and IIb) with a focus on technology and growth respectively.


Closing of the 3rd fund generation (SHS III), which invests in growth companies in the life sciences sector. The fund is currently in the disinvestment phase (i.L.)


Closing of the 4th fund generation (SHS IV), which, like its predecessor fund, invests in companies from the life sciences/medical technology sector in German-speaking countries.


Closing of the 5th fund generation (SHS V). The fund invests mainly in the DACH region, but also in other selected European countries.


Final Closing of the 6th fund generation (SHS VI). The fund invests in all European countries and has more than double the volume of its predecessor fund.