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23. April 2024 - Newsletter

Article by Dr Cornelius Maas on interfaces between PE and SMEs

Too often, interfaces between SMEs and private equity funds such as SHS are focused on transactions.

But in the course of our normal business activities with more than 20 healthcare portfolio companies and more than 900 investment audits per year open up further opportunities beyond transaction:

• Numerous board seats to be filled in our portfolio companies
• Various advisory mandates in the course of our investment audits
• Insights into up-and-coming companies and new technologies
• Passing on experience: Mentorships of younger entrepreneurs / management teams, as well as
• a broad network of KOLs, entrepreneurs and the leading companies in the industry

We consider all these aspects to be interesting starting points for a dialogue between SMEs and their decision-makers and SHS.

We often receive feedback from business partners in the SME sector that this non-transactional interface is of interest, but that they were not really aware of it.

In order to initiate a dialogue on this, we are always open to have an exchange with you.

We would be delighted if this could lead to a longer-term, friendly exchange from which both sides could benefit as parties in the ecosystem of the healthcare industry.

We look forward to your feedback.