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20. May 2020 - Newsletter

Clever tools to relieve nursing staff in the clinic

Medical technology

Novo Klinik-Service GmbH (SHS IV Fund)

Novo Klinik-Service GmbH, headquartered in Bergheim near Cologne, Germany, develops innovative products for the fixation and stabilization of endotracheal tubes in invasively ventilated patients. Given the current situation in hospitals, safe and easy-to-use solutions are particularly welcomed by nursing staff. In order to support their lung function, COVID-19 patients in intensive care units need to be regularly turned by hospital staff, from lying on their backs to lying on their abdomens: this makes safe fixation of ventilatory products a critical part of the effort to prevent life-threatening situations.

Fixation technology is also extremely important in the ECMO area, in which the patients are not invasively ventilated and the oxygen supply is extracorporeal and provided directly through the blood. Novo has also developed a product for this purpose, allowing secure fixation of the large cannulas to minimize the risk of major bleeding.

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