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Investors can participate in a diversified portfolio of innovative companies from the life science and medical technology sector via SHS funds.

Our investor base comprises private and institutional investor groups with a long-term focus, including well-known family offices, pension funds, pension schemes, fund of funds, banks/savings banks, churches, health insurance companies and industrial companies. They also include the European Investment Fund and KfW.

The SHS management is also invested with significant amounts in the fund, which ensures a high degree of identity of interests.

The shareholders of SHS are Dr. Bernhard Schirmers, Hubertus Leonhardt, Uwe Steinbacher and Sascha Alilovic.

SHS History

Company history


First closing of the 6th fund generation (SHS VI). The fund invests in healthcare companies from the DACH region, Benelux and Nordics as well as other European countries.


Closing of the 5th fund generation (SHS V). The fund is currently in the investment phase and invests mainly in the DACH region, but also in other selected European countries.


Closing of the 4th fund generation (SHS IV), which, like its predecessor fund, invests in companies from the life sciences/medical technology sector in German-speaking countries.


Closing of the 3rd fund generation (SHS III), which invests in growth companies in the life sciences sector. The fund is currently in the disinvestment phase (i.L.)


Closing of the 2nd fund generation in the form of two funds (SHS IIa and IIb) with a focus on technology and growth respectively.


Closing of the 1st fund generation (SHS I) - Agreement of a joint venture with a Landesbank.


The former McKinsey employees Reinhilde Spatscheck, Dr. Bernhard Schirmers and Klaus Hentges found SHS.

Fund Strategy

Fund Strategy

Deal flow SHS

SHS has an outstanding annual deal flow of investment opportunities in the healthcare sector due to its long-standing focus on this sector.

From a pool of over 500 opportunities per year, we identify the most attractive investments for our investors and ensure that our investors' capital flows into the most promising opportunities.

SHS funds build a portfolio of approximately 10-15 minority and majority stakes in companies of the target sector. The investments are spread over phases and investment occasions.

We build European healthcare champions. To this end, we invest in fast-growing companies in the healthcare sector and help in particular to open up new markets, round off the product portfolio, in succession situations and in financing company acquisitions.


60% SME

40% growth

Key Facts

Key facts of the SHS VI Fund

Fund data

Our investor base

Sector allocation

Geographic focus

Investment situations

Fund data

  • Fund volume: >220 Mio. €
  • Launch: 2022
  • First Closing: 2022
  • Duration: 10 + 2 Jahre
  • Investment amounts of the fund: 5 to 30 Mio. €
  • Investment amounts together with co-investors: 150 Mio. €


Mio. € average investment size of our LPs

  • Pension funds & pension schemes
  • Family offices
  • Wealthy private individuals
  • Fund-of-Funds
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Church investors
  • SHS team


LPs in current fund repeating investing

  • Medical technology
  • Diagnostics
  • Applied technologies & tools
  • Outsourcing & healthcare services
  • Digital health


percent average sales growth p. a. of our portfolio companies by investment SHS (as of 31/12/2020)

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Nordics
  • Benelux states
  • Other European countries


Transactions per fund targeted

  • Opening up new markets (e.g. USA, China)
  • Succession planning
  • Financing Scaling
  • Product expansion
  • Buy & Build


SHS healthcare investments

  • Fund volume: >220 Mio. €
  • Launch: 2022
  • First Closing: 2022
  • Duration: 10 + 2 Jahre
  • Investment amounts of the fund: 5 to 30 Mio. €
  • Investment amounts together with co-investors: 150 Mio. €


Mio. € average investment size of our LPs

Structure and Corporate Governance of the SHS Funds:


The SHS Funds are predominantly structured in an asset management manner and are tax-transparent. The domicile of the funds and the management company is Germany.


The funds submit quarterly reports to investors in accordance with customary international standards and are audited annually.


Ethical and sustainable criteria (ESG) have been incorporated into our internal ESG principles and within the fund contracts.

The partnerships with our investors are designed for the long term, with many of our investors being involved across different fund generations. Since we as the management team invest in our funds ourselves, we are able to ensure that the interests of our investors are completely aligned.

Hubertus Leonhardt

Managing Partner of SHS

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