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22. June 2023 - SHS News

Healthcare specialist SHS Capital Invests €18 Mio in MESI Medical to Bring Digital Diagnostics to the Core of Healthcare Services

Tübingen / June 22, 2023 

SHS, a leading investor in the healthcare sector, has made an investment of €18 Mio in MESI, an innovative Slovenian company. MESI is a pioneer in simplifying and digitizing diagnostic workflows in all healthcare environments, from general practices to assisted care. 

MESI’s mission is to develop innovations for early discovery of medical conditions. In this, it focuses on digital diagnostics to help doctors collect, understand and contextualize the data relevant for making diagnoses and other medical decisions. 

After its founding in 2010, MESI improved arterial assessment by making the detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease easy and accessible already at primary care level. The company now strives to do the same for other cardiovascular conditions. Just in 2022 in primary care alone, their technology led to identification of disease cases in over 220,000 patients, and more than 40,000 cases were shared digitally with a specialist for a second opinion, improving outcomes and saving time and cost for doctors and patients. 

The investment by SHS was provided after a strong growth and medtech entrepreneur Oliver Heine joining the company as an investor and strategic advisor in 2022. Empowered by the investment and a strong advisory board, MESI will be able to expand its sales organization and its portfolio of products and services. This includes AI powered predictive applications and makes a real contribution to the digitization of healthcare. 

“We are excited to partner with MESI, a company that has already demonstrated its commitment to improving patient outcomes and digitizing healthcare through innovation,” said Sascha Alilovic, Managing Partner at SHS. “We believe this investment will enable MESI to continue its impressive growth trajectory and further establish itself as the gold standard in the industry.” 

Jakob Šušteri?, CEO at MESI, added: “We are thrilled that our European and global efforts have resulted in a partnership with SHS. The aim of our innovation is to facilitate access to relevant diagnostic data. This speeds up the diagnostic process for the patient, resulting in faster treatment and prevention of adverse events. The SHS investment will allow us to continue developing new ways for healthcare professionals to predict, diagnose, and manage various conditions with greater accuracy and efficiency.” 

The investment in MESI underpins SHS’s commitment to supporting high-growing companies that develop products and services improving patient outcomes, enhancing quality of care and reducing the overall cost of healthcare. Together, SHS and MESI are positioned to drive real change in healthcare, and help make a difference for more patients in need. 


About MESI Medical 

MESI Medical is an innovative company committed to digitalizing healthcare at primary level and beyond. Its core product, the MESI mTABLET, enabled them to introduce a new diagnostic category: predictive medical assessment. This is a combination of digital diagnostic measurements, immediate storage and availability of patient records, clinical support tools, and clinical AI recommendations on one device. Through considerable expansion over the last few years, MESI’s award-winning products are now present in more than 50 countries. 

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“Building European Healthcare Champions” is the guiding principle of the Tübingen-based sector investor SHS. With this in mind, the investor specialising in healthcare investments finances and develops its portfolio companies. Since its foundation in 1993, the focus of its investments has been on expansion financing, shareholder changes and succession situations. In doing so, SHS takes both minority and majority stakes. Investors in SHS funds include pension funds, funds of funds, family offices, entrepreneurs, strategic investors and the SHS management team. The equity investment of the AIFM-registered company is up to EUR 50 million. Volumes exceeding this can be realised with a network of co-investors. SHS places a strong emphasis on ethical considerations in its investment decisions and has therefore committed itself to the guidelines of the UN PRI, an investor initiative launched by the UN Environment Programme. SHS is currently investing from its sixth fund, which was launched in 2022 and has a volume of ca. € 250 million. 

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