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20. May 2020 - Newsletter

Identifying patients with unknown conditions of high risk


ndd Medizintechnik AG (SHS IV Fund)

Based on what we now know, people with impaired lung function belong to the high-risk group – and not just now, during the current pandemic. Not only do COPD patients (some 50% of whom are unaware of their disease) have impaired or critical lung function, but so do smokers and many other people living in areas with high levels of air pollution. At the same time, the coronavirus not only causes acute discomfort in people who are severely ill, but it is also likely to leave long-term damage even after patients have recovered. This seems to affect the entire cardiopulmonary system, i.e. the functional unit consisting of the heart and lungs. In all these cases, well-founded diagnostics of lung function can help identify potential high-risk patients, and appropriate therapeutic measures can then be taken.

The company ndd from Zurich has developed devices and tests for just such well-founded differential diagnostics of the lungs for use at the “point of care.” This equipment and these tests are available worldwide. Affected patients are diagnosed at an early stage by a physician in private practice and can then be treated accordingly.

As diagnostic equipment by ndd is highly accurate and easy to use, this makes ndd the provider of choice for major international research and pharmaceutical studies (including the genes involved in COPD). Similar to TNI, diagnostics by ndd make a contribution not only in times of pandemic, but also in the effort to combat widespread diseases such as COPD and asthma. A particular advantage for these patients is that they no longer have to seek out a specialized hospital laboratory the way they used to for diagnoses of lung function as nuanced as these. The examination can be carried out at the local doctor’s office. This saves a lot of time for the sick patient – and costs for the healthcare system.

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