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4. February 2021 - Newsletter

Medtech-INSIDE: The SHS column by Dr. André Zimmermann in medtech zwo

Since November 2020, Dr. André Zimmermann has written a regular column on the topic of medtech for the magazine medtech zwo.

As a business development expert in the healthcare sector, Dr. Zimmermann is well-connected worldwide. With a Ph.D. in the natural sciences, he aids SHS portfolio companies in the growth and SME sector with direct, quick access to key opinion leaders in medicine, and to decision-makers in international healthcare groups from Europe, the USA and Asia. As ‘Head of ESG’, Dr. Zimmermann is also in charge of the effort to adhere to and continuously develop principles of ethical investing at SHS.

His latest column, on market authorisation in China, can be found here:

All of the installments of the column in medtech two can be found here: