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14. January 2021 - SHS News

Medtech investor SHS sold shares in Single Use Support GmbH

Tübingen-based SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH sold its shares in Austrian life science supplier Single Use Support GmbH (SUS) to U.S. life science company Pall. SUS is well on its way to becoming an industry standard with its globally unique product range for the safe transport of sensitive frozen substances.

“We are very pleased that we were able to support such an innovative and dynamically managed company as SUS with an outstanding product offering. From the very beginning, the company exerted a great attraction on potential buyers,” says Uwe Steinbacher, Managing Partner of SHS, “in this respect, the sale of the shares is the logical continuation of SUS’ growth story.”

SUS was founded by Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm in Kufstein. The two engineers set out in 2015 to redefine the standard for transporting sensitive liquids with their mechatronic systems and products. As it stands, they have almost achieved this goal after five years. Well-known groups from the life science, biotech and pharmaceutical industries are now using SUS products worldwide.

The gold standard in liquid logistics

“The technical systems we have developed in conjunction with the single-use bags guarantee our customers an almost one hundred percent secure logistics process for liquid substances,” explains Johannes Kirchmair. “From filling to freezing at minus 80 degrees to controlled thawing and removal of the substance at the destination: the SUS technology reduces product loss to practically zero and brings decisively more safety for patients.”

Biotech companies researching vaccines also rely on SUS products during clinical phases in the fight against COVID-19. The founders intend to capitalize on this momentum and make full technological advancements to SUS systems under the umbrella of the Pall and its other affiliates in bioprocess.

“We are glad that we chose SHS as our investment partner. Thanks to the expertise and smart support of the SHS team, we were able to establish a scalable business organization and optimize the security of our supply chains in a short time,” says Thomas Wurm. “This has set the stage for us to drive our global growth.”

During the investment phase of Tübingen-based SHS, SUS was able to multiply its sales.

“SUS fits in very well and now has the best prerequisites to become the gold standard for liquid logistics as a high-tech supplier with a patent-protected system.”

SHS made the investment in Single Use Support GmbH from its current SHS Fund V, which has a volume of 130 million euros. In the coming months, the Tübingen-based medtech investor plans to make further investments in the medical technology, life science and their supplier industries. For 27 years, SHS has successfully invested in medtech companies that have a market-ready product with a unique selling proposition and are aiming for dynamic growth.

About SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH
SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement is based in Tuebingen, Germany, and invests in medical technology and life science companies with a focus on expansion financing, changes in shareholder structures and successor situations. SHS holds minority as well as majority interests. The company was founded in 1993 and has since gained extensive experience as an industry investor which supports the growth of its portfolio companies through a network of partnerships regarding the introduction of new products, regulatory issues or entering new markets. The SHS fund’s European based investors include pension funds, strategic investors, funds of funds, family offices, entrepreneurs and the SHS management team. The AIFM-registered company invests up to €30 million in equity capital and volumes exceeding this amount are implemented with a network of co-investors. SHS is currently investing from its fifth fund which received capital commitments of more than €130 million. Further information:

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