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31. August 2022 - Newsletter, Portfolio News

Miracor starts new PiCSO® cardiac catheter study with first patient

The most important goals in the invasive treatment of myocardial infarction are to reduce infarct size, improve cardiac function and minimise the likelihood of permanent heart failure. To achieve these goals, Belgium-based Miracor Medical has developed the PiCSO® (Pressore Controlled Intermittent Coronary Sinus Occlusion) system. With the start of the new PICSO-AMI-V study at the University Hospital of Toulouse, research into the indication is now beginning in inferior STEMI patients. In patients with anterior STEMI, PiCSO® has been used at the University Hospital of Toulouse since 2021. The new trial is led by Prof. Dr Adrian Banning from the Oxford Heart Centre in Oxford, UK. Banning is pleased that the efficacy of the PiCSO® system can now also be studied in patients with inferior STEMI (posterior myocardial infarction), as these patients in particular often develop heart failure.

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