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2. March 2023 - Portfolio News, SHS News

More patient safety with simulators for cardiologists – SHS invests 10 million euro in Swiss Simulands AG

Tübingen / 02.03.2023

SHS invests in Simulands AG, a Swiss manufacturer of simulation equipment for medical training of cardiac interventions.

Practising or repeating actions leads to the result that one can perform the respective activity better, more efficiently and with increasing confidence. In certain areas, such as aviation, this principle is used to the extent that pilots must complete many hours in a flight simulator before they are allowed to fly a real aircraft with passengers.

Based on the same concept, Simulands builds tools that enable cardiologists and echocardiographers to train in performing complex cardiovascular interventional procedures risk-free using human-grade simulators. Simulands’ mission is to minimize training and research directly on patients and animals in the cardiovascular field. Simulands’ human-grade simulators are medical-grade, ISO-compliant simulators. They are offering procedure experience that provide real haptic responses, actual procedural imaging guidance, true understanding of device performance, catering to a wide range of experience and knowledge levels. The company offers solutions for improving operators’ skills by creating a safe training environment, contributing to physicians’ competence and confidence, ultimately improving patients’ procedural outcomes and safety. The simulators are manufactured using innovative materials and advanced additive manufacturing techniques that realistically replicate pathological anatomy and allow training with real devices for cardiovascular minimally invasive treatments.

Due to Simulands’ expertise and understanding of the medical practice, the Zurich-based company, which was founded in 2019 and has grown rapidly since then, and has already established itself as a leading provider of medical simulation training in the field of structural cardiac interventions. As a result, the company can count among its clientele large and well-known MedTech companies, including Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT), Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE : EW), Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX), as well as many others including Innovative up and coming startups in the field, who use the simulators for physician training and to internally train their field specialists.

“With the investment into Simulands AG, we are pleased to make our first investment from our newly launched sixth fund generation. It is very important to us to support the company in its efforts to optimise cardiological interventions for both – doctors and patients. With our investment, we specifically want to drive the expansion of the product portfolio as well as the international expansion. For our new fund, we seek for further innovative, fast-growing healthcare companies that can make a real difference in healthcare,” explains SHS partner Dr. Cornelius Maas.

“Technological and scientific innovations are advancing the practice of medicine and augmenting physicians’ capabilities. We should rethink medical education, offering physicians new tools and approaches for continued learning and on-demand training, tailored to physician’s needs and focused on their roles and required skills. ” says Andrea Guidotti, CEO of Simulands. “Partnering with SHS is an invaluable opportunity for Simulands to accelerate its entry to key global markets expanding support to its customers base. SHS’ expertise and proven track record of excellence in the healthcare sector will further consolidate our growth and accelerate the progress towards our long-term vision.”


About SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH:

The industry investor SHS is a private equity provider founded in 1993 that invests in healthcare companies in Europe. The focus of the investments is on expansion financing, shareholder changes and succession situations. “Building European Healthcare Champions” is the investment philosophy according to which SHS finances and develops portfolio companies. The Tübingen-based investor takes both minority and majority stakes. The national and international investors in SHS funds include pension funds, funds of funds, foundations, family offices, strategic investors, entrepreneurs and the SHS management team. The equity investment of the AIFM-registered company is up to EUR 50 million. Volumes in excess of this can be realised with a network of co-investors. In its investment decisions, SHS attaches great importance to the consideration of ESG aspects and has therefore committed itself to the guidelines of the UN PRI. SHS is currently investing from its sixth fund, which was launched in 2022 and has a volume of ca. € 250 million.

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About Simulands AG:

Simulands, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a medical simulation company focused on developing and commercializing innovative simulation solutions for healthcare training. Simulands leveraging longstanding expertise of medical devices development, and novel manufacturing techniques seeking to revolutionize R&D and Education in the cardiovascular space. Simulators offer solutions that are more practical, cost effective, and ethical versus traditional animal research practices. The latest technological advancements allow us to focus on what matters most – replicating procedure experiences that provide real tactile responses, actual procedural imaging guidance with a true understanding of device performance. We create simulators that are tailor-made, beautifully designed, simple to use, and highly portable, and our joint training programs cater to a wide range of experience and knowledge levels. Our simulators aim towards clinical and technical equivalence to human cardiovascular systems and meet required benchmarks of various competent authorities, ethics committees and notified bodies.

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