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1. August 2023 - Newsletter, Portfolio News

PathoQuest announces strategic partnership with Oxford Nanopore Technologies

French company PathoQuest has entered into a strategic partnership with Oxford Nanopore Technologies to bring to market the first sequencing-based quality control test for the genetic characterisation of biopharmaceuticals.

Most biologics are produced using genetically modified cell lines. For many cell therapies, the product itself is a genetically modified cell line. Throughout the development of these products, it is important to characterise and monitor the genetic modification(s) made and to ensure the quality and safety of the product. Classical tests for this application have limitations in terms of scalability, speed and completeness of the data provided.

Nanopore sequencing combined with PathoQuest expertise offers a new approach for biologics manufacturing with real-time, accurate testing for genetic characterisation, cutting months off traditional methods and providing more complete data.

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