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25. October 2023 - Uncategorised

SHS partner Dr Cornelius Maas on syndicating with healthcare specialist SHS Capital

The advantages of syndicates: SHS Capital’s healthcare specialisation in the cap table

In the ever-evolving private equity landscape, there is an undeniable advantage in specialisation and syndication.

At its core, healthcare is not just about investment and returns; it is a sector that requires a deep understanding of complex elements, from the latest technological breakthroughs to the rapidly changing paradigms of patient care. It’s about deciphering the intricacies of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), navigating the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and communicating effectively with respected regulatory bodies such as the US FDA.

This is where SHS Capital comes in. While many funds are industry-agnostic and spread their focus across different sectors, SHS offers partners in a syndicate the advantage of deep expertise in healthcare. Our experience enables us to improve due diligence, provide more accurate risk assessments and ensure better deal structures that meet the needs of the healthcare sector.

In addition to pure expertise, SHS’ value proposition is further enhanced by our extensive healthcare network, which has grown significantly over the past 25 years. By cultivating relationships with a wide range of professionals, from leading KOLs to experienced industry experts, SHS ensures that its partners have access to these contacts. This network not only speeds up the business process, but can also help to introduce potential cooperation partners, gain important insights or facilitate faster regulatory approvals.

A combination of broad organisational expertise, often seen in general funds, coupled with SHS’s industry-specific insights creates a powerful formula for transaction success. It is this harmony of breadth and depth that SHS stands for, resulting in a holistic, informed approach to investment and partnerships.

Past and current partnerships of SHS Capital with for example

underpin the advantages of the cooperation between different funds. We firmly believe that the symbiosis of networks, expertise and mindsets of different funds in a syndicate provides an advantage in the overall competitive private equity landscape.

We are always available to support due diligences, discuss opinions on investment topics and/or assets, and to find out if there is a match between you as a partner and SHS.

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