SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH

Dr. André Zimmermann


André was always passionate about innovative life science companies. Being a rare combination of being scientifically minded (a PhD in molecular biology is enough proof in the eyes of his colleagues) he is also trained in finance and banking. That led him to become an entrepreneur himself – first in a biomedical startup and, after successfully selling his shares, joining SHS to help other entrepreneurs in the life science space. André is our key person to liaise with partners – be it strategic investors into our funds, be it strategic partners for potential business development activities. On top he is in charge of ESG activities.

Next to enjoying as much time with his family as possible, André has a passion in education. He has led an initiative to have a bilingual education in the public system, from crèche to high school diploma. Hundreds of students have benefitted from it. On top he is well known for his baking capabilities – don’t miss it!