SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH

Manfred Ulmer-­Weber

Managing Partner

During his studies in Tübingen, Manfred became aware of the opportunities that lie in innovative healthcare companies. He started as an intern with the plan to stay for 10 weeks and has stayed with SHS for more than ten years now. Manfred is known to keep a cool head when everyone around him keeps ranting – soft in his speech, consistent and convincing in his arguments. He represents SHS on a number of medtech and life science companies.

Manfred used to be a semi-pro table tennis player and still has a bet for anyone that no one will be able to return even once on 20 of his serves. He also has a hobby he shares with many –watching soccer. Being a big supporter of VfB Stuttgart, he does not necessarily agree on the best football club in Germany with his colleagues.