SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH

Sascha Alilovic

Managing Partner

After having spent about 20 years in transactional roles (M&A, IPOs and other capital market transactions), having experience in founding corporate finance boutiques and as well as having had managerial roles in global corporates, Sascha joined SHS in 2018. Having a computer science degree next to his finance background, he is thrilled by the opportunities of digitalization in the healthcare sector. Amongst other things, Sascha is focusing on the end of the lifecycle of SHS’s investments – the partnering of SHS’s portfolio companies with strategic acquirers. Sascha serves on several medtech and life science company boards and led SHS’s first investment outside of the German speaking regions. Sascha is also promoting the necessity and opportunities of promoting innovative medtech, being a frequent speaker at European life science investment conferences.

When it comes to soccer, Sascha is a big supporter of Germany’s best football team – at least in his perception there is no one who beats Borussia Dortmund with that. Neither his colleagues at SHS nor his neighbors in Munich would agree. When it comes to European championships, he is a bit more open minded – being a son of Croatians who moved to Germany and having a Russian wife with a Swedish passport allows him to favor quite some teams in tournaments. He is also trying to beat the odds by running every morning prior to coming to the office, no matter what time of the year it is