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5. August 2021 - Newsletter, Portfolio News

World premiere in normal clinic operation: Bone cutting using the CARLO® laser system

The world’s first jaw surgery with a bone incision using the CARLO® laser system from AOT was performed at the Paracelsus Clinic in Munich on 14 May 2021. Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Jürgens, who co-developed the robot-controlled laser surgical system, removed the bone layer by layer – without contact – using a laser during the procedure. The advantages: shorter intervention times, improved wound healing, faster recovery times and, in addition, more safety and precision for the surgeon. Compared to conventional surgical instruments, the robot-assisted system can also be used to make all conceivable cutting angles and radii, e.g. to correct a malpositioned jaw. This would simply not be possible with mechanical instruments.

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On the SHS YouTube channel you can find a video about the first surgery with CARLO®: