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29. October 2020 -

World première! Tyromotion presents the first LEXO® medical gait trainer to GLG Fachklinik Wolletzsee

In the field of neuro-rehabilitation, for instance following a severe stroke or other neurological diseases, learning to walk again is crucially important. Robot-controlled gait trainers help the affected patient to stand and walk on his or her own again. Yet the LEXO® put into operation by the Wolletzsee rehabilitation clinic, north-east of Berlin, is no ordinary gait trainer but rather high-tech at its finest. Ursula Nonnenmacher, the Minister of Health for the German state of Brandenburg and a physician herself, was on hand for the dedication ceremony and was impressed by the technical capabilities this device offers the patient during training. Tyromotion opens up new horizons in every respect for doctors and therapists who work with patients with neurological damage. Studies have shown that LEXO® leads to better therapeutic results than conventional gait trainers.

Read here how LEXO® uses robot-controlled technology to assist patients and motivate them to exercise:

In this short film, you can watch LEXO® in action: