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20. May 2020 - Newsletter

Biotech tools to support vaccine development

Pharmaceutical services

c-LEcta GmbH (SHS III Fund)

Another important building block for successfully managing the coronavirus pandemic is the development of effective drugs and vaccines. SHS invests in pharmaceuticals suppliers that can leverage high-performance solutions to help accelerate the development of pharmaceuticals products.

c-LEcta GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany, is one of the leading industrial biotechnology firms in Germany in the field of enzyme engineering. The company developed an “artificial” enzyme (denarase) that many international pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies now use in the production of biopharmaceutical active ingredients and vaccines. The high performance of the enzyme optimized by c-LEcta when used in the purification of active ingredients helps companies run through these steps more efficiently and more quickly, thus improving the outcome. The success of c-LEcta and its contribution to vaccine development was recently documented, among other things, in a portrait of the company broadcast by MDR.

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