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20. May 2020 - Newsletter

Psychological assistance in times of social distancing

Digital healthcare

Selfapy GmbH (SHS V Fund)

There are lots of reasons why some people might be going through a mental crisis. Contact with family and friends can be an important support in times of crisis. Now, however, with rules for social distancing in effect, this valuable support cannot continue. The affected patients need to cope on their own instead. This is compounded by the economic worries and needs that many people have, and these, too, can throw many of them off track. Elderly people suddenly cannot receive family visitors; this leaves them feeling lonely and potentially subject to depression.

Selfapy, located in Berlin, is there to help these affected individuals with its clinically proven, online psychological care – also and particularly in times of the coronavirus crisis. The online support program for people with depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses helps them through difficult phases of life – without long waiting times or the attendant high risk of venturing out to see a therapist. Through chat- and telephone-based consultations, psychologists offer the assistance patients might need to make it through a time many perceive as threatening. In times of the coronavirus crisis, Selfapy also provides free support to people seeking help: quickly and completely unbureaucratically. For important psychological assistance of a slightly different kind.

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