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1. December 2017 - Social Projects

CERES e. V. association to help those suffering from brain damage SHS supports shared residence for people with brain injuries

CERES supports people in vegetative states by helping improve their treatment and care situation. The association for people suffering from brain damage was established in Tübingen, Germany in 1986. The first building was purchased in 2010 to provide a comfortable living space for patients and give them the opportunity to choose their own professional care service. Despite their condition, residents of the community in Mössingen (near Tübingen) have the possibility to lead a life of dignity.

To meet the high demand, a second building was bought in 2016 and thoroughly renovated to be fully accessible to people with disabilities. Now even more people in a persistent vegetative state can thus enjoy living in an environment precisely suited to their needs.

SHS donated to help furnish the new building to support CERES’ outstanding commitment to helping even more people.

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