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Social Projects

14. December 2022 - Social Projects

As this year’s SHS annual project, we are pleased to support the inclusion football team “Tübingen United” with our annual donation

On the initiative of Elisa Mayer and Tomma Hinke, two football clubs, SSC Tübingen and SV Bühl, have launched an inclusive training format. This means that children and young people with disabilities who are interested in football now have the opportunity to pursue their hobby in the club. Since May 2022, children, youths and young […]

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16. December 2021 - Social Projects

As part of our annual project 2021, SHS supports the educational project “Schülerlabor Neurowissenschaften” in Tübingen

The renowned Hertie-Institut Tübingen together with the Neurological Clinic of the Universitätsklinikum Tübingen form the “Centre for Neurology”. The centre was created with the contract signed in 2001 between the Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung and the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Universität Tübingen and its medical faculty, and the Universitätsklinikum Tübingen. This interaction of public resources and private […]

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18. December 2020 - Social Projects

With our annual project 2020 we are supporting the “Minilab Project”, an initiative of the Tübingen institute “Difäm – Deutsches Institut für Ärztliche Mission e.V” (German Institute for Medical Mission)

Every year, counterfeit medicines cause harm to many patients, particularly in developing countries. This problem is being tackled by a joint project of the Tübingen-based Difäm and the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) that aims to detect counterfeit medicines in developing countries with the help of local analytics. To this end, local centres are provided with […]

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15. December 2019 - Social Projects

For our 2020 annual project, we are supporting “Swimming for All Children” (German: Schwimmen für alle Kinder), an initiative organized by the Lokales Bündnis für Familie Tübingen e.V. support body.

“Swimming for All Children” is organized on a voluntary basis and was established in April 2015 in cooperation with Runder Tisch Kinderarmut (Round Table on Child Poverty) and Bündnis für Familie (Alliance for the Family) in Tübingen. A survey conducted by the German Life Saving Association found that 59% of children are not confident swimmers […]

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18. December 2018 - Social Projects

More privacy for sick children SHS annual project provides for a more pleasant stay at Olgahospital

With a long tradition and as one of the largest hospitals in Germany, Olgahospital (“Olgäle”) focuses on treating sick children and young people. “Olgäle-Stiftung für das kranke Kind e. V.” (Olgäle foundation for sick children) was founded 20 years ago under the patronage of Carl, Duke of Württemberg. The foundation strives to ensure permanent aid […]

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1. December 2018 - Social Projects

SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement is supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Outpatient Clinic at the Children’s Hospital in Tübingen, Germany

The Zollernalb-Tübingen Regional Group of Mukoviszidose e.V. is a self-help group consisting of 35 parents whose children suffer from cystic fibrosis. This incurable metabolic disease leads to a significant reduction in life expectancy. The cause of the disease is a gene mutation. Every 20th person in Germany carries the defective gene. Only if both parents […]

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1. December 2017 - Social Projects

CERES e. V. association to help those suffering from brain damage SHS supports shared residence for people with brain injuries

CERES supports people in vegetative states by helping improve their treatment and care situation. The association for people suffering from brain damage was established in Tübingen, Germany in 1986. The first building was purchased in 2010 to provide a comfortable living space for patients and give them the opportunity to choose their own professional care […]

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1. March 2014 - Social Projects

Frühchen e.V. Reutlingen The stars are brought down from the sky for the little ones in the children’s hospital in Reutlingen

Each year 60.000 children are born too early in Germany. The little patients are mostly treated in special intensive care units for kids. For parents and siblings this situation often causes stress and uncertainties. To manage these difficulties and questions an association named Frühchen e.V. Reutlingen was created as a parents-initiative in the middle of […]

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1. December 2013 - Social Projects

Hilfe für Kranke Kinder e.V. There’s always something going on here: The playrooms at Tübingen Children’s Hospital

A hospital stay is always an exceptional situation for children and young people. Thank goodness that the Tübingen Children’s Hospital has a playroom for every ward. There, the young patients can forget their worries while they play, sing and laugh. In some wards, they can even cook together. The focus is on common activities and […]

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1. December 2012 - Social Projects

Living in a familial environment Rehabilitation and critical care center for children requiring long-term ventilator care

As early as 1998, the children’s nurse Christiane Miarka-Mauthe had the idea of opening a facility for ventilated infants and toddlers, who cannot be cared for at home. In addition to receiving the required critical care, she felt that the children should be able to grow up sur-rounded by love, affection and optimal encouragement as […]

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