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25. October 2023 - Uncategorised

Continued growth of German pharmaceutical company AMW: Notified Body Opinion from TÜV SÜD for implant

Pharmaceutical company AMW recently announced that it has achieved a key milestone in opening up new markets within the European Union (EU) and beyond with the final report of the first Notified Body Opinion (NBO) for its goserelin implant.

The active ingredient goserelin is a synthetic peptide that can be used primarily in the treatment of hormone-dependent tumours, especially prostate cancer. Thus, goserelin intake has indirect effects on testosterone levels in men, the lowering of which stops the growth of malignant cancerous tumours. In addition, goserelin is used to treat certain benign gynaecological diseases.

The biodegradable goserelin implants release the active ingredient goserelin over a period of either one or three months.

“We are proud that a renowned testing body such as TÜV SÜD has issued the first NBO for a complex combination product from AMW after intensive testing,” commented Philipp Karbach, CEO of AMW.

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