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25. October 2023 - Uncategorised

Pharma automation specialist Essert Robotics wins ISPE RAYA Award for its project with Vetter Pharma

The Baden-Württemberg-based robotics company ESSERT GmbH, which has been part of the SHS portfolio since August 2023 and specialises in the development of intelligent automation solutions for a wide range of application areas with a focus on the pharmaceutical, life science and general industry sectors, has won the prestigious ISPE RAYA Award together with Vetter Pharma.

The award recognises outstanding achievements in the field of robotics applications and was presented at this year’s Future Robotics Workshop of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

The award-winning project by Essert GmbH (together with Vetter Pharma) called “Speed Bin Picker” automates the process of separating loose, transparent syringes from a transport container and sorting them into designated trays for further processing. This innovative and adaptable automation optimises an important and repetitive step in the production process, thus reducing the workload of Vetter Pharma’s employees. The award impressively shows how innovative automation solutions can increase process efficiency in the CDMO industry (Contract development and manufacturing organisation).

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