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14. May 2019 - SHS News

Growth financing for Berlin-based joint protection experts: SHS invests in Betterguards

Third investment from fifth SHS fund – development of a diversified portfolio of medical technology and life science companies

TTübingen-based medical technology investor SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH has invested a mid single-digit million amount from its fifth fund in Betterguards Technology GmbH. The technology developed and produced by the Berlin-Brandenburg-based company is primarily aimed at manufacturers in the fields of sports equipment, orthopedic technology and occupational safety. Based on an innovative combination of materials, Betterguards has developed a platform technology that protects human joints and prevents ligament and tendon injuries. In addition to SHS, the previous investors BFB Brandenburg Kapital, a subsidiary of Brandenburg Förderbank ILB, and Die BrückenKöpfe also participated in this financing round. This is the third investment for SHS from its fifth fund. A diversified portfolio of medical technology and life science companies is being developed from the fund’s resources. The fund’s final closing is planned to take place shortly.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Berlin with a production facility in Brandenburg, Germany, Betterguards Technology GmbH develops and produces intelligent components (so-called adaptors) that can be integrated into sports shoes, supports or occupational footwear, for example. Equipped with this unique selling proposition, people can be protected against joint injuries. Betterguards already cooperates with Juzo, a provider of sports medical bandages and orthoses.

The underlying, broadly patented technology combines freedom of motion and protection. The Betterguards adaptor remains flexible during normal movement, but quickly stiffens in case of very fast, critical movements such as those that cause sprains, thus protecting the joint from overstretching. The adaptor then returns to its original flexible state immediately after the critical force has passed, thereby again enabling natural movement patterns.

“We are very pleased to have SHS, a specialist in the medical technology and healthcare market, on board. SHS’ industry expertise and know-how will help us better positioning our company in the healthcare market and fully leverage the growth potential of our platform technology,” said Vinzenz Bichler, founder and CEO of Betterguards.

Cornelius Maas, Senior Investment Manager at SHS: “We were impressed with Betterguards’ combination of new materials and engineering expertise. The company has already entered into a strategic partnership with a renowned orthopedic technology manufacturer for the ankle joint. With Betterguards, we are convinced that we have identified a fast-growing company that we are happy to support in its further development. We are looking very forward to this partnership.”

“From our strong deal pipeline, our team has already completed the third transaction for our SHS V fund with Betterguards. Investors looking for a private equity investment in the fast-growing medical technology and life science market have the opportunity to participate in this sector fund for a few more weeks,” says Hubertus Leonhardt, Managing Director and Partner at SHS.

About SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH

SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement is based in Tübingen, Germany and invests in medical technology and life science companies with a focus on expansion financing, changes in shareholder structures and successor situations. SHS holds minority as well as majority interests. The company was founded in 1993 and has since gained extensive experience as an industry investor, which supports the growth of its portfolio companies through a network of partnerships regarding the introduction of new products, regulatory issues or entering new markets. The SHS fund’s German and international investors include professional pension insurers, retirement funds, strategic investors, funds of funds, family offices, entrepreneurs and the SHS management team. The AIFM-registered company invests up to €30 million in equity capital and volumes exceeding this amount are implemented with a network of co-investors. The fund has already received capital commitments of over €100 million and is open until the end of June 2019 for investors.

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