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30. January 2020 - Press Releases

Handelsblatt: “Psychotherapy app Selfapy receives six million euros from investors”

In January, the Handelsblatt reported on the current financing round of Selfapy, a psychotherapy start-up that wants to make better and faster psychotherapy treatment possible with its app. Selfapy offers online courses for the treatment of burnout, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Selfapy hopes that the new German digital care law (DVG) will make their services reimbursable by all German statutory health insurance companies in the future. According to Cornelius Maas, senior investment manager at SHS, Selfapy’s strength especially lies in the high rate of patient completion. In order to become reimbursable, a number of medical studies are still necessary. The company has now raised six million euros to finance these studies, with SHS being one of the investors in this financing round. The first study conducted by the Charité Berlin is expected to be published soon.