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31. January 2020 - Press Releases

medtech zwo: “SHS participates in endoscopy company

The medtech zwo magazine reported on the participation of SHS Tübingen in the endoscopy manufacturer Blazejewski MEDI-Tech GmbH from Sexau. The company develops and produces endoscopes and endoscopy cameras. Within the scope of a partnership with the lighting specialist Photonic, the visual characteristics of the endoscopes are being improved, which also offers enormous potential for 3D endoscopy, which is close to approval. With the help of this novel and complex method, the surgeon should be able to achieve visual depth during the operation. “After realizing that there is chemistry between us, we have developed a concept that provides for a minority stake of SHS in Blazejewski MEDI-TECH GmbH,” commented Mr. Manfred Ulmer-Werber of SHS on the investment decision. Blazejewski describes these plans as follows: “With the support of SHS, we want to continue to grow and expand our sales. We will develop further products, such as the currently smallest 3D endoscope in the world, and bring them to market together with partners”.