SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH
3. December 2019 - Press Releases

VentureCapital Magazine : “It is good that the circle of investors has expanded.

In an interview with Hubertus Leonhardt, managing director and partner of SHS, and Manfred Ulmer-Weber, investment manager and partner at SHS, VC Magazin reports on the development of the company and its current fifth fund (SHS V). SHS Tübingen has developed into one of the largest industry specialists in the medical technology and life science sector in the course of almost 27 years on the German market. The current fund volume of the SHS V is over 130 million EUR and thus also offers the opportunity to invest in company values of 50 million EUR to 100 million EUR. Ulmer-Weber sees the stronger involvement of other investor groups such as business angels and family offices in the start-up sector as a positive development, as the higher financing costs of the companies can be better served together. “We believe that it is still possible to earn reasonable money in medical technology,” said Leonhardt, who is expecting further high-growth investments despite the high level of regulation.