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15. December 2019 - Social Projects

For our 2020 annual project, we are supporting “Swimming for All Children” (German: Schwimmen für alle Kinder), an initiative organized by the Lokales Bündnis für Familie Tübingen e.V. support body.

“Swimming for All Children” is organized on a voluntary basis and was established in April 2015 in cooperation with Runder Tisch Kinderarmut (Round Table on Child Poverty) and Bündnis für Familie (Alliance for the Family) in Tübingen. A survey conducted by the German Life Saving Association found that 59% of children are not confident swimmers by the time they finish primary school. “Swimming for All Children” seeks to change this. After all, knowing how to swim also aids personal growth. Swimming adds to our quality of life and can ultimately keep a child alive. It is about learning new things, engaging in physical activity, feeling a zest for life and integration. The goal of “Swimming for All Children” is to give as many children as possible from socially disadvantaged families the chance to experience the joy of swimming for themselves and become confident swimmers.
The project team has already achieved a great deal: almost 400 children and teenagers who would otherwise have had few opportunities to take part in swimming lessons have success-fully obtained their bronze swimming badge. The initiative has also established its own life-guard group for swimming lessons with young people aged between 16 and 21.
We are delighted to support the volunteer work of the Swimming for All Children trainers and support team and thereby ensure that the initiative can continue its outstanding work in the future and help as many children as possible.
For further information about Lokales Bündnis für Familie Tübingen e.V. click here