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1. December 2009 - Social Projects

„A small contribution for a great cause: The future of young people“

It was under this motto that the Rottenburg “Unter Bürgern” (“Citizens Helping Citizens”) initiative and the Rottenburg Federation for Families created its joint Job Mentor project in late 2006. The objective of this project is to find a traineeship or job for young people who are having difficulties of school and will barely be able to graduate. The youngsters’ parents are, for whatever reason, not capable of providing an appropriate support. To do this, volunteer “job mentors” are now providing support for students in their dealings with vocational advisory programs, in submitting applications, etc. This assistance is aimed first and foremost at helping them to organize and to find their way in life. In doing so, the job mentors ore opening doors for these young people and offering them prospects for their vocational futures, assisting them in integrating themselves into our society and helping them navigate what is so often a difficult phase in their lives.