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1. December 2010 - Social Projects

Fruehchen e.V. Reutlingen Help for the little ones: Support for a good start in life

Fruehchen e.V. Reutlingen is a registered charity with 116 current members.

It has been providing various types of support to the intensive care unit of the clinic for children’s and youth medicine of Klinikum am Steinenberg in Reutlingen since December 1995.
Its objectives include improvement of specialist training and personnel, financial and technical/diagnostic provisions, the psychosocial support of sick children and their families during in-patient treatment, informing the public about all factors associated with premature babies, seriously ill children and their parents, and the improvement of the out-patient post-care model “Unser Sonnenschein” (“Our Sunshine”). The exemplary involvement of the members and supporters of the association has already made it possible to fulfil many of these goals.

For further information, please visit the Fruehchen e.V. website at