Current news of SHS and our portfolio companies

11 October 2021 - Press Releases

Medtech-INSIDE – Part 12: Use data, protect data

The systemic use of health data enables the transformation from hypothesis-driven medicine to data-based medicine.

22 September 2021 - SHS News

Tübingen-based healthcare investor SHS joins UN investor initiative PRI for responsible investing

SHS has been investing according to ethical standards for more than 25 years and its ESG policy is an important aspect of investment decisions. Now it is also becoming a member of the PRI (UN Principles for Responsible Investment) The Tübingen-based healthcare investor has committed itself to contractual compliance with the requirements of the UN […]

13 September 2021 - Press Releases

Medtech-INSIDE – Part 11: “Wearables, Apps & Co: Digital tools of a new medicine”

Medical wearables and apps will be an essential part of telemedicine in the future. This offers new opportunities for established healthcare companies.

12 August 2021 - Press Releases

Medtech-INSIDE – Part 10: “Indispensable: Security in a digitalized medicine”

The use of IT and AI increases efficiency and quality of care in medicine – but also the vulnerability of the systems. How do we combine progress with security?

28 July 2021 - SHS News

SHS sells its stake in Swiss evitria AG, a world market leader in the production of customised antibodies

Atlas Antibodies acquires evitria Atlas Antibodies has agreed to acquire evitria, a world leader in transient recombinant antibody expression in CHO cells. This transformative acquisition brings together a leading provider of highly validated research antibodies and a front-runner in the field of custom recombinant antibody expression. Since its inception in 2010, evitria has been singularly […]

1 July 2021 - Press Releases

Medtech-INSIDE – Part 9: “Artificial intelligence in medicine: assistant, not competitor”

Artificial intelligence will revolutionise the healthcare sector in this decade. With smart concepts and innovative healthtech products, we can make the healthcare system more efficient and effective.

22 June 2021 - SHS News

Healthcare investor SHS sells stake in Crystal GmbH, a high-tech company in the field of crystal processing with medical technology application

The Tübingen-based healthcare investor SHS has accompanied Crystal GmbH on its growth path with its know-how, the required capital and extensive networks. Crystal’s optical components are used, for example, in the medical technology industry in respirators and as diffusion-bonded laser crystals in the manufacture of laser systems. The new investor Silver Investment Partners (SIP) will […]

4 June 2021 - Press Releases

Medtech-INSIDE – Part 8: “Digitisation Trends in the Healthcare Sector”

For the future performance and efficiency in medical care, the degree of digitalisation will be decisive, in addition to the qualified specialist staff.

27 May 2021 - SHS News

German healthcare investor SHS and Dutch Rubio Impact Ventures invest €5 million in Incision for international expansion and new services for its surgical platform

Incision is rapidly expanding its platform for surgical performance and online training The German SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH and investor Rubio Impact Ventures from Amsterdam provide 5 million euros for the expansion of Incision Group’s international business Operating room staff and surgical residents from over 200 hospitals in more than 18 countries now use […]

6 May 2021 - Press Releases

Medtech-INSIDE – part 7: “Small virus, big consequences”

Corona hits everyone, including the healthcare industry – which is essential to a functioning healthcare system.