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1. December 2011 - Social Projects

“Hilfe für kranke Kinder e.V.“ (Help for sick children) Giving sick children access to the internet: online connection to life

The project “KraKiaN” currently offers each year for roughly 250 children and young people the opportunity to stay in touch with their family and friends using notebooks and internet connection during their inpatient stay in the Children’s Hospital at Tuebingen. This contact is very important to the young patients as it also allows them to follow their school curriculum. Meanwhile there are 40 laptops in use at 12 stations of the Children’s Hospital in Tuebingen. SHS will make a contribution to this project, allowing for the purchase of new equipment.

“KraKiaN – Kranke Kinder ans Netz” has won the International Radio Exhibition (IFA) award in Berlin in the contest “Ways into the Net 2009” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

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